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How to Buy Your First Keurig Coffeemaker

There are many different options when choosing a Keurig coffeemaker. Find out how to make the best model choice for your needs.

keurig coffee maker

  • Always Ready
  • Perfectly Brewed
  • No waste - no burned coffee
  • No mess - Easy clean up
  • 3 min brewing and ease of use
  • More than 200 varieties of coffee
  • Consistent Great Taste -
    with no taste contamination
    from cup to cup


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If you are brand new to the Keurig coffee makers system,
figuring out which model to purchase may be a bit daunting to you. After all, when it comes to choosing a Keurig coffeemaker, you'll find that there are many different models to choose from.

Are you ready for a perfect cup of coffee at home? The Keurig Coffeemaker system has the variety of flavors and ease of use you have been looking for. To get started click on your favorite k cup model below.

Whether you are purchasing a personal one for yourself or you are purchasing one of these Keurig coffeemakers for the office, there are many options. If you're feeling a bit confused, here are some helpful tips and considerations that will help you to choose the right model for your specific needs.

The Personal Choicekeurig b30 coffeemaker
Are you just purchasing the Keurig coffeemaker for your needs? Perhaps you need a coffee maker in your office or you want one for home use. Well, you don't have to go with a large expensive option - you actually have a smaller personal option that is just perfect if you only want to make coffee for yourself.

This model is the Mini Keurig brewer B30, which is a small personal coffee maker that will brew you eight ounces of coffee in just three minutes. This is a wonderful choice if you want the option to brew yourself a cup of coffee whenever you want one.

Buying for the Office
On the other hand, you may be looking for a new Keurig coffeemaker for the office. If this is the case, you'll need a coffee maker that is large enough to server several people at a time. You'll want to take a look at the different models that are available and the amount of water that they hold. This you can you figure out how many cups you can get out of these coffee makers.

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There are two models that hold 48 ounces of water, the Elite B40 and the Keuring Special Edition B60. The Platinum B70 holds 60 ounces of water, and the Breville model holds 64 ounces of water. All of these models will brew a cup of coffee in only 30 seconds flat. They offer different cup sizes as well. So, depending on the size of your office, one of these models is going to be the right choice for you.

Planning to Charge for the Coffee?
In some cases, offices decide to charge for their coffee. This is a choice that you have when you are choosing a Keurig coffeemaker.
There are models available that will allow you to charge for the coffee. If you want to charge for the coffee to help cover the costs of the machine and supplies, then consider one of the options that will allow you to vend this coffee in your office. Keurig b3000 coffeemaker

Direct Water Hook Up
If you are purchasing Keurig coffee makers for a large office, you may not like the idea of having to have someone go refill the brewer every 6-8 cups of coffee that are made. In this case you may want to consider a model that directly hooks up into a water supply like the Keurig B3000.

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This makes it easier for you to keep
the coffee going
having to go refill the brewer every little bit.
So, for a larger office, this is definitely
a wonderful option to consider.

Why waste your money thowing old coffee down the drain? A keurig K cup coffeebrewer eliminates waste and clean up!
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Keurig Coffeemaker review

Keurig Brewer B30
"I previously purchased a B40 for my office. The convenience and selection of coffees immediately made it a favorite among co-workers and myself. Of course this meant that I wanted one for home. One problem with the B40 is the noise. Not bad for an office environment but unforgivable first thing in the morning at home. When the B30 was announced and promised to be quieter, that was just what the doctor ordered. This thing is VERY quiet in comparison. I only drink one cup in the morning prior to going to work so the lack of a reservoir is not an issue. If you want multiple cups 30 seconds apart this is not the machine for you. If you don't mind the extra step of dumping a cup of water in a hole and waiting 2 1/2 minutes after you press the brew button (if you own the B40 you were already doing this when you turned the power on) then this machine is great. Oh, and the small footprint means you can be very flexible in where you decide to put it. No major concessions in the countertop usage arena. Bottom line, quiet convenience in a small package makes this a winner."

"After several years of laboring over our home coffee machine for mediocre coffee, or waiting in line to spend $$$$ at our local coffeehouse, my husband and I began to consider coffee as just an occasional treat. However, I gave the Keurig B-40 to my husband as a gift, and not a single day has gone by that we have not enjoyed it! It is so easy - just pop in the k-cup, press the brew button, and you have a great cup of coffee or tea. It is perfect for us - we drink about two cups each day with no mess or fuss. The coffee is great - lots of variety in the choices. Check out the different vendors online and you can really save money on the k-cups. We have experimented with ours - making iced tea or iced coffee by using a tall glass of ice instead of the usual mug. I can even use my own tea bags - the Keurig heats up the water very quickly and makes it easy. One of the downsides with this model is that you can't adjust the size (and it is a small serving). To fill up a large mug you might need two or three cycles. You also can't adjust the strength of the brew - your only option is to choose a dark or light roast to vary the intensity. However, both of us have found several flavors that we really enjoy, and our guests are always impressed that they can choose their own blend and flavor! We also tried the Tassimo and the Senseo brands, and found the flavor to be lacking (much more mediocre). If you are a true coffee fan, and want a professionally styled machine that makes it simple and fast to make, then the Keurig B-40 is for you!"
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Keurig Coffeemaker

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