The Keurig Brewer B30
Compact Coffee Maker For Home Use


The Keurig Brewer B30 is the ideal choice for a coffee machine that can be put in the smallest of locations.  You will have a wide variety of over two hundred varieties of coffee to choose from in the ingenious Keurig K cup that allow you to brew one delicious cup of coffee at a time in under three keurig b30

  • Compact portable design
  • Perfectly Brewed single cup
  • No wasted coffee
  • No mess - No clean up
  • 3 minute brewing and easy to use
  • More than 200 varieties of coffee
  • Consistent Great Taste -
    with no taste contamination from cup to cup


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Not much space? Perfect coffee is now within reach! This compact model fits anywhere (yes even a suitcase) so you can have perfect coffee anywhere in under 3 minutes! Click on the Keurig Brewer B30 below and claim your right to awesome coffee.


Those who love coffee recognize the name Keurig as the ideal way to get a freshly brewed gourmet cup of coffee in their own home. The Keurig Brewer B30 is the ideal machine for those who enjoy a great cup of coffee but don't want to brew an entire pot. 

keurig b30 saleThe great benefit of one of these machines is that you havethe ability to take it with you anywhere. It is the perfect size to take to college dorm rooms, campers, or even in your office at work.

Imagine having the ability to brew a great cup of coffee anywhere at any time. Just plug the little machine in and in under three minutes you will have a spectacular cup of coffee. 

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The Keurig Brewer B30 uses the ingenious K cups to brew the coffee one cup at a time.  You will have the choice of a wide variety of coffee for your Keurig system.  Choose all of your favorite blends and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee whenever you want in only three minutes or less.  The K cups give you a great opportunity to try a variety of blends as well without investing in an entire pound of coffee. You can try a variety sampler from ex. Green Mountain Coffee to find the ones that will be your very favorites. 


keurig mini b30This machine is not restricted to just coffee, however. You will be able to brew cocoa and tea as well.  It's a wonderful machine to use when you have guests over who all want something different. It's not jksut the flavours that are different, they also come in all different colors. The Keurig b 30 red, black and white, just to mention a few.

With the ability to brew a cup of fresh coffee, tea or cocoa in under three minutes, you can have everything that all your guests would like in just a few short minutes. Why not get together with your friends to try out some of the great varieties of coffee that are available? 

The little brew station will also let you avoid all of the mess that is created brewing a pot of coffee in the traditional way. You won't have to worry about measuring out the correct amount of coffee or cleaning up the mess of a filter when you use this machine. All you do is pop in the K cup, add water and let the machine do the rest.  To find a Keurig b30 sale, the best place is Amazon. You will get great deal there!

There are more than two hundred varieties of coffee available to you to use in this machine. That means that you will have a great variety of choices when it comes to the flavor and type of coffee that you want to try. 

This Sweet little coffeemaker fits anywhere, get one for the dorm, camper, cabin, beach house, boat or office. Click on the link above and get a great price on a Keurig B 30.

keurig b 30 reviewsThe Keurig Brewer B30 is a
very affordable machine
as well. You can buy Keurig B30 as an ideal gift to give to those coffee lovers on your list or just pick up one for yourself. 
It's a great second machine to bring into the office
for those mornings when you don't have time to have
a cup at home. Keep your desk stocked with K cups
because your co-workers are probably going to want
to try some of your gourmet coffee from your Keurig b30 mini brewer.

Keurig brewer B30 reviews

Keurig b 30
I'm not a coffee aficionado. The extend of my Starbucks customization is adding cinnamon to my latte. I do not know what the "perfect brew" temperature is, and I do not make fun of people for "not knowing what good coffee is."
What I do know is - having received this as a gift, it serves my morning coffee needs perfectly.
It fits on my counter with ample space above (I wonder how small people's kitchens are that don't have this space available), and it brews a perfectly hot cup of coffee. Temperature? No idea, but I can drink it and feel the heat without burning my tongue.
Yes, the Senseo may be "better with storing the coffee packets" but I prefer the cups - which was excellent since the package sat in the rain before I got home.
I'm the only coffee drinker in my house, but as they have tea and hot chocolate available I'll be looking into those for my wife while I enjoy my perfect cup of coffee (which I just made and am drinking right now). "

Keith Baker

Keurig Brewer B30

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