Keurig B77 Gourmet Coffee and Tea Brewer

Are you tired of drinking nasty coffee because you made a mistake brewing it? With the Keurig B77 you will always get the perfect cup o' joe that you're craving.

keurig coffee maker

  • No mess - Easy clean up
  • Always Ready
  • 3 min brewing and ease of use
  • Perfectly Brewed
  • No waste - no burned coffee
  • More than 200 varieties of coffee
  • Consistent Great Taste -
    with no taste contamination
    from cup to cup



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The Keurig B77 Gourmet Coffee and Tea Brewer was created because every person's flavor in coffee differs. You adore dark roast while your partner favors light roast. A co-worker drinks decaf, the next-door neighbor like tea while the children prefer hot cocoa.

You work hard. You deserve great coffee!
Are you ready for a perfect cup of coffee at home? The Keurig B77 system has the variety of flavors and ease of use you have been looking for.

Having more than Two hundred various coffee, teas as well as hot cocoa to select from, Keurig B77 makes it easy for all people to brew their very own fantastic cup in under one minute. In contrast to traditional coffeemakers, there is no coffee to grind or measure, no coffee pots to wash not to mention simply no soggy filters to dispose of.

keurig b77 coffeeThe fabulous Keurig B77 single serve coffee system provides simplistic one- touch brewing along with 4 brewing sizes, a modern programmable LCD control center, 24-hour digital clock and detachable drip tray.

Every K-Cup is sealed air-tight designed for freshness and it is available in more than one hundred fifty different coffees as well as teas in order to satisfy the most demanding taste profiles. Each coffee available are one hundred percent Arabica beans. The Keurig B77: delightfully easy in only sixty seconds!

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* Color: Silver/Black
* Patented microprocessor controlled technology
* Always ready- brews in under 1 minutekeurig b77 image
* New Quiet Brew Technology
* Programmable LCD control center w/ blue backlight
* Removable 60oz. water reservoir w/ blue light- makes up to 10 cups before refilling
* 24-hour digital clock
* 1-touch brewing: 4 sizes
* Programmable on/off
* Chrome handle
* Power: 1500 watts
* Drip tray is removable to accomodate taller travel mugs
* UL / c-UL approved for household use only
* Voltage: 120VAC/60HZ

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This makes it easier for you to keep
the coffee going
having to go refill the brewer all the time.
So this is definitely
a wonderful option to consider.

Why waste your money
throwing old coffee down the drain? A keurig K cup coffeebrewer eliminates waste and clean up!
Click on the Keurig B77 above to get one for your kitchen.

Keurig b77 review

Keurig B77
"I am buying a second Keurig coffee brewer, as a special gift for my brother. I am really crazy
about how great clean, fast, and delicious products it can prepare. I have gotten turned off
by the coffee that my traditional Cuisinart coffee maker made and wasted almost everything it made
because even with fine premium coffees, I didn't care for coffee unless it was from a coffee shop, and cost too much. I love the K-cup holder too,so many options.!!!
I really love hot cocoas.too.This is a great product If you try it you will not regret it.Good for adults, and
families too.
Therese Jackel
Keurig B77 

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