Keurig B70 coffee maker

When family and friends come over I use my Keurig B70 coffee maker. Instead of making a huge boring pot of coffee for everyone, they get to choose their favorite hot drink. That is being the perfect host!
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  • Measures 13-1/4 by 10 by 13 inches; 1-year limited warranty.
  • 1500-watt single-cup home brewing system with one-touch controls.
  • Removable 60-ounce water tank; removable drip tray for quick cleanup.
  • Uses patented K-Cups; 4 brew-size options; Quiet Brew technology.
  • 24-hour digital clock; programmable LCD message center.
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Keurig B70 Coffee Maker: Platinum:
This is Keurig's luxury one cup coffee brewer and their latest model. It has all the features of the B60. It brews 5 sizes from 4 oz up to 12 oz. And one extra brew size for travel mugs. It has a LCD display with many programmable features and a larger water reservoir than other models, so you can brew several cups before needing to fill it again.


Keurig B70 coffeemaker
Have you only owned drip coffee makers? They force you to make a full pitcher of coffee each time. But what happens after that first cup if you don't want any more? Then you have wasted lots of water and a quarter of coffee grinds. What if you wanted a second cup in an hour? That pitcher of coffee has now been cooking for the past hour. We all know how that coffee tastes. The Keurig Single cup Brewer only brews one hot cup of coffee at a time. There is no left over that is cooked for hours.

You work hard. You deserve great coffee! Get your Keurig B70 coffee maker below to get started.


keurig B70 best price Keurig B70 best price
The best way to find a great deal in your B70 is to buy from Amazon. Their prices are at lest 30% lower than any other place! They seem to have a "Keurig B70 sale" most of the time!

One thing to remember when it comes to the brew sizes is that no matter the size you select, the amount of coffee inside the K cup remains the same. So, choosing the largest size will give you a slightly weaker cup of coffee.

Brewing a cup has never been easier! The most difficult part may be deciding on a flavor. Depending on your mood and cravings you can delight yourself choosing from a wide selection of K-Cups: coffees, teas and cocoa as you select from companies like Green Mountain Coffee, Newman’s Own, Bigelow, Gloria Jean’s, Timothy's and Celestial Seasonings.
When you have made your decision, press the brew button and coffee, tea or hot cocoa is dispensed directly into your cup. It's really that simple. Never deal with the mess of grinding, measuring coffee and nasty filters.

keurig b70 single cup platinum coffee maker

Keurig B70 coffee maker:
Other thoughtful details
include a blue-backlit 60-ounce water reservoir that removes for simple filling, a programmable blue-backlit LCD message center, a convenient 24-hour digital clock, Quiet Brew technology, and a removable drip tray for quick cleanup.

Buy your own Keurig B70 CoffeeMaker today and share coffeehouse taste at home!

Never wait in line for a great cup of coffee again. Get fresh brewed gourmet taste in less than a minute! Choose your Keurig B70 coffee maker from the list above to get started.


review: original keurig platinum b70

Keurig B70 coffee maker review:
"This is the perfect coffee brewer for me. I was so excited when single cup brewers started showing up on the market, but I had no idea which one to purchase. I don't like drinking stale coffee or reheating coffee and the mini 4-cup brewers don't make that great a pot of coffee. Going to the coffee stores is a VERY expensive cup of coffee even if it is quite good. I tried a cup of coffee from this brewer in a high end kitchen store and it was a great cup. Plus with all the drink options (reg, decaf, tea, hot choco), I was sold. I bought from Amazon on a special purchase deal and got the My K-Cup for free.
I love this brewer. I get one perfect fresh, hot cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa every time. There is very little waiting and no filters or pots to mess with. The different cup sizes, the timer, the style are all great features.
Karen Mitchell "highland girl"
Keurig B70 Coffee maker

Keurig B70 reviews

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