Keurig B60

Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Home Brewing System

b60 keurig
The Keurig B 60 is a single serve mid-luxury home-brewing system. It offers additionalfeatures over the Keurig B40 such as an additional brewing size, chrome accents and a LCD display with blue backlighting.

Keurig also have a large variety of coffees and teas available using their patented K-Cup -Keurig Cup- delivery system.

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keurig b 60
Features of the Keurig B60

Single-serve gourmet coffee maker
Holds up to 48-ounces of water
1500 watts
Includes removable drip tray.
Choose from 3 brew sizes
Measures 14.9 x 12.2 x 14.2 inches

About The Keurig B60

The B60 looks far more elegant than the B40 and the chrome accents really stand out. The blue LCD display is also a nice addition, as is the option of a third brewing size. Once the machine is filled with water the B60 will start heating. This takes about four minutes before it is ready to brew and the red heating light turns off.

You work hard - you deserve great coffee. Exceptional gourmet coffee in 30 seconds! For people on the go this machine is a dream come true! What are you waiting for? Click on the keurig B60 to get the best deal.


What Customers Are Saying

Many people view the Keurig B 60 as the best single-serve coffee machine out there. It looks stylish, works well and makes great coffee on demand:

“Best single-serve coffee maker out there.”
“Best. Coffeemaker. Period.”
“I love this coffee maker.”


The B60 Keurig is a simple and efficient coffee maker. The K-Cups come in a whole variety of blends. If you want your own blend you can still get a filter for the B60 which allows you to use your own coffee grounds. Overall a great little coffee maker.

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The keurig B60 will change your life. Imagine a world where every cup of coffee you brew is perfect, you can get specialty coffee drinks in under a minute with virtually zero clean up.

Keurig B60

keurig special edition b60


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