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Keurig B40 coffee maker

The single serve Keurig b40 coffee maker is making the best tasting coffee you will ever have. If you are an avid coffee drinker, you can have one at work and one at home. Lots of people choose to do that! You will love all the flavors of coffee, tea and hot chocolate. For the summer you can make Ice coffee and ice tea.
Keurig B40 best price

One cup automatic brewing system.
Perfect for home or office.
Brews a cup in less than one minute.
Has Auto-Off Feature.
Makes 2 cup sizes: 8 oz and 10 oz.
Has a 48 oz removable water reservoir.
Brews up to 6 cups before you have to refill the reservoir.
Keurig B40 Elite weight: 16 pounds.

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Need someone to share a pot of coffee with?

He likes his coffee strong, like Cuban espresso with already dark roast. She likes hers weak with flavored blends.
Family and friends visiting that likes their coffee, tea or cocoa in all different ways and flavors.
Keurig B40 Coffee Maker Best Price
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Keurig B40 eliteThis is a great solution. All can enjoys enjoy steaming hot, fresh beverage within minutes! No more stale, wasted, cold coffee or arguing over flavors and brews. Just pick your favorite K-cup, from an assortment of over 200 choices, place the K-cup in the brewer, place your favorite mug under the spout, and press the corresponding size button on the machine. Seconds later, a hot cup of your favorite coffee, tea or hot chocolate is ready. No fuss and no mess!

You work hard. You deserve great coffee!
Get your Keurig B40 coffee maker below to get started.


These one-cup coffee makers are becoming more and more popular and there is lots to choose from.
But which of the Keurig brewers should you choose?
Keurig offers 3 main brewers: B40, B60 and B70.

Keurig B40keurig b40 amazon
The Keurig b40 coffee maker is Keurig's most affordable one cup coffee maker for your home. It's the base, no-nonsense model. If you want to get your Keurig coffeemaker for under $100, or want to buy a second brewer for your office or home office, this may be the right model for you.
It brews two sizes: 8 oz & 10 oz. Perfect for small spaces and budgets.
Convenient and stylish! The Keurig B40 coffee maker has a removable 48-ounce reservoir, giving you hot water all times so you do not need to refill the water reservoir every time.

Since the reservoir remains heated after the first cup of coffee brewed a second cup can be made immediately. The coffeemaker keeps the temperature of each cup at a consistent 192 F. The brewer has indicator lamps to let you know when the water’s heating, when you’re ready to brew and if you need to add water.
The machine will turn off in 2 hours so no worry about wasted energy or damage to the machine.

keurig special edition b60Keurig B60 Special Edition
This is their most popular model and has a few extra features. This is the number one selling one cup Keurig machine for home kitchens. It has programmable features and brews in 3 sizes: 6 oz, 8 oz and 10 oz.
Read more about the Keurig B60 here


Keurig B70 Platinumkeurig b70 coffee maker
This is Keurig's luxury one cup coffee brewer and their latest model. It has all the features of the B60. It brews 5 sizes from 4 oz up to 12 oz. That one extra brew size for travel mugs.It has many programmable features and a larger water reservoir than other models, so you can brew several cups before needing to fill it again. One thing to remember when it comes to the brew sizes is that no matter the size you select, the amount of coffee inside the K cup remains the same. So, choosing the largest size will give you a slightly weaker cup of coffee. Read more about the B70 here.

K-Cups were developed for use with the Keurig system and they look similar to coffee creamers. They contain vacuum packed portions of coffee, tea or chocolate, perfect for one cup. Each K Cup is a mini-brewing system since it contains a freshly ground portion of coffee, tea or cocoa with a tiny filter. They work perfectly with the Keurig B30 coffee maker featured on this page!!

Single serve Keurig coffee maker. Your favorite gourmet coffee also comes in a variety pack of single cup flavored coffee. Get you Keurig gourmet coffee tea blends.
Green mountain coffee: k-cup variety: hot cocoa, tea k-cups, extra bold coffee blend, magic extra bold, french roast, mandarin orange spice, kona blend, hot chocolate, orange spice, coffee french, celestial seasonings, iced coffee and much more,...all fair trade. Gloria jeans and Timothy’s are also included in the brands that provide k cups.
The keurig B40 coffee maker, single-cup home-brewing system has a removable water reservoir, removable drip tray and automatic shut-off.
This brewing system is different than other coffee makers because of the k-cups.

Never wait in line for a great cup of coffee again. Get fresh brewed gourmet taste in less than a minute! Choose your Keurig B40 coffee maker from the list above to get started.

here You can find customer reviews about the original keurig elite b40 one cup size

Keurig B40 coffee maker reviews:

"I love this doo-dad! It heats up water in something like 60 seconds. Then you pop in a coffee pod, and abracadabra---you got coffee! It is so quick! I use 2 pods and press the button twice for a 20 oz cup. This thingie is even easy for the technology challenged (like me). You can buy a lot of different flavors of coffee pods and make different kinds. If you want a cup of tea with just a normal tea bag, you can even heat your water quick in this thingie without using a microwave. You can buy tea pods or hot chocolate pods, but why? You can get tons of coffee flavors on amazon or on other websites. You even have some options for decaf. And if you really have your favorite mocha orange something or other coffee that does not come in a pod, you can by a pod filter thing to use your ground coffee in.

I love this doo-dad! Worth every penny. Ahhhh--the feeling of independence. Brew yourself some cream brulee coffee; brew your father a cup of sumatra bold; brew your daughter a cup of decaf -- whatever. All at the same time!"

Kathy W

Keurig B40 coffee maker

Keurig B40 reviews

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