The Keurig B3000 Is The Perfect Coffee Machine For Everyone In Your Office

The Keurig B3000 is a great addition to any office of more than thirty employees. You will find that these machines give your employees the opportunity to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee in under sixty seconds, saving you time and money. 

keurig b3000

  • Unlimited capacity of single servings
  • Plumbed with Hot water dispenser
  • No wasted or burned coffee
  • No mess - Easy to fix, clean up
  • Vending compatible
  • More than 200 varieties of coffee
  • Consistent Great Taste -
    with no taste contamination from cup to cup


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The Keurig B3000 is the ideal machine for use in offices with more than thirty employees. The machine has a great many features that make this the ideal choice for your office coffee vending machine. It is a convenient and economical way to provide coffee for all employees in your office.


Give your office great coffee 24/7 with the Keurig B3000 single cup coffee brewing system. Keep the break room clean and your workers happy.

The machine has the ability to be plumbed which eliminate the need to fill any reservoirs of water for the brewing of coffee. This makes your machine capable of brewing an unlimited amount of coffee for the staff in your office. keurig b3000 price

This feature along with the hot water dispensing feature allows tea drinkers or cocoa drinkers in the office to get the hot water that they need. 

The machine is vending compatible which makes it an economical choice for the office.  Employees can share in the expense of the coffee which will allow you to order a wide variety of Keurig cups (K cups) for your employees. The greater the variety of coffee you will have for your workers the happier they will be.

The ability of the Keurig B3000 to brew a cup of coffee in sixty seconds will save your workers time during their coffee break. Time is short when you are ready for your coffee and this machine will save everyone time in the break room.

To purchase Keurig B3000 for your company is a great way to provide all of your workers with freshly brewed coffee at any time that they choose. Order larger quantities of coffee and you will be able to enjoy discounts on all the K cups that you buy for your company. The machine is set up to vend, but you will have to have additional equipment added to the machine.

The machine will come with directions and maintenance information for keeping your Keurig B3000 in top working condition.
The machine also features a cup sensor so that you will not accidentally brew coffee without a cup in place. The drip plate is also removable for easy cleaning and using a larger cup in the machine. The machine comes with a display that will help you keep everything perfectly maintained in the machine. 

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Your machine will also allow you to brew four different sizes of coffee. This can accommodate everyone's needs in your office. This machine is the perfect choice for offices that have a larger number of employees and need more capabilities in their coffee vending machine. 

Choose the Keurig coffeemaker that best suits the needs of your company. For offices that have fewer employees a smaller machine may be more appropriate.  You can also find a small compact machine by Keurig that is a great addition to your personal office.

There is a great selection of machines available for home and office use. Choose the machine that gives you the opportunity to try a wide variety of coffee flavors all one cup at a time.  The line of Keurig coffeemakers is bringing one cup at a time freshly brewed coffee to offices all over. They are also available for home use.

You can find the Keurig B3000 for sale at a few places. I would suggest eBay. They have some great deals. When you want to buy a Keurig B3000 price matters! At least you can bid and win on eBay!

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keurig b3000 review

Keurig B3000 review

"Upon the first day of my new job, I walked into the kitchen to find the Keurig B3000 Coffee Maker. I am not a big coffee drinker, but was immediately intrigued by the convenience and ease of this coffee maker. It basically has zero clean up! It’s great for the workplace because we can each brew a personal cup, any flavor that we desire! No more cold coffee pots filled with left over, old coffee. Every cup is fresh, made how you like, and with no clean up! I don’t think I could imagine a better coffee maker!"
A Austin

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