Keurig B100:
Coffeehouse Taste in Three Minutes Flat

One of the top one cup coffee makers is the Keurig B100 brewer. Find out why so many people, especially young people, love this coffee maker.
Keurig b100

  • Always Ready
  • Perfectly Brewed
  • No left over coffee
  • No mess - Easy clean up
  • Fast brewing and ease of use
  • More than 200 varieties of coffee
  • Consistent Great Taste -
    with no taste contamination from cup to cup

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Keurig b100 coffee maker
Today having a one cup coffee maker seems to be the craze.
There are many optionsavailable, but one of the best one cup coffee makers out there today is the Keurig B100p.
You'll find that this is a very popular machine, and many young people are especially attracted to it. Wondering why it's such a big hit? Here are some features and benefits that make it so popular.

The Keurig B100 makes gourmet coffee idiot proof!
So easy even a husband can do it, no mess and a perfect cup of coffee in only 3 minutes!

Easy to UseKeurig b100p
One thing that people love today about the Keurig B100 coffee maker is that it is so easy to use. There's no worrying about having to measure out water, or measuring out ground coffee to make sure you get the right taste. Simply fill the reservoir, slip in a Keurig Cup (K Cup), and you are ready to go. Push the brew button, and you'll have your cup of coffee. Anyone can use this coffee maker.

It's Very Fast
Young people, especially the busy ones, love this machine because it's so fast. You don't have to spend a lot of time in preparation and you don't have to wait on this machine either. In just a couple minutes you'll have your cup of coffee. It's convenient and fast - two things that make it such a big hit.

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Keurig b100 coffeemakerQuality Coffee at Home
The Keurig B100 also allows you to have quality coffee at home. You don't have to go pay $5-6 for quality coffee at the coffee shop. Sure, at first glance you'll think that these coffee makers are expensive.

Keurig b100 price.
However, figure out how much you'd pay at a coffee shop each day over time and you'll find this is a much cheaper option. You can get coffee that tastes like it's from a coffee shop without the trip and the expense.

Not a Problem to Clean
You'll find that the B100 is not a problem to clean either. There isn't a pot to worry about, and it's not such a pain to clean as regular coffee makers tend to be. If you don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning a coffee maker, this is a great choice. Keurig b100 brewer

Looks Chic and Stylish
Last of all, the young people today really love the Keurig B100 because it is so chic and stylish. It looks great in your kitchen or even in your office at work so you can have a cup while you're working. The lines are sleek, and the coffeemaker really lends a look of elegance.

Keurig b 100 coffee makerWith all these great benefits, it's definitely easy to see why so many people are excited about this one cup coffee maker. With great looks, quality coffee, easy cleaning, and the speed of making the coffee, it's a really great buy.

It's no wonder the young professionals today really love the Keurig B100. So, if you are looking for a top quality one cup coffee maker, the B100 is an excellent choice to consider.

Never wait in line again for a great cup o coffee!
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Keurig B100 review

"We have had our B-100 machine for over 2 years and have literally put hundreds and hundreds of KCups through it. We love it. It is so easy to use and it is nice mostly because my wife and daughter and I can all have our favorite flavor of coffee and tea within seconds, and always hot.
We have not had any problems with this brewer.
I love it so much I bought a B-40 and took it to work, my co-workers love it too. The B-40 had a sensor go out after hundreds of cups in only 4 months and I called Keurig tech support. I described the problem and they had another entire machine shipped to my house. The customer service agent put the order for replacement in the system while we were on the phone, I received a confirmation email that the order was being processed in their shipping system within a half hour of getting off the phone with her and had my new machine in 3 days. Awesome customer service. Although for a $200 coffee machine you would expect good service. These machines are NICE! don't buy one of those cheep ones, you get what you pay for..
Shantel B

Keurig b100 price

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