Green Mountain Coffee,
Keurig Makes It Taste Like A Ten Dollar Latte

Green Mountain Coffee Keurig K cups are available in more than thirty varieties for everyone's taste. You will be sure to find your favorite when you use a variety sampler to check out the many blends of Green Mountain Coffee. 
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  • Always Ready
  • Perfectly Brewed
  • No left over coffee
  • No mess - Easy clean up
  • Fast brewing and ease of use
  • More than 200 varieties of coffee
  • Consistent Great Taste -
    with no taste contamination
    from cup to cup


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There are some people who just love Green Mountain Coffee
and will not be without it in their home. For these coffee lovers, there is a great variety of this coffee roaster that you can choose for your own home use.

Give everyone their favorite coffee drink in only 3 minutes!
Choose the coffee flavor you love below or try a new one.

The Green Mountain Coffee Keurig has available is contained in the K cups that are used in the Keurig machines and will allow you to have a great variety of coffee on hand for whatever mood you are in or whenever you have england coffee

Flavored coffees are also available in Green Mountain Coffee Keurig special K cups. If you enjoy a good cup of flavored coffee after dinner or even in the middle of the afternoon, Green Mountain has what you are looking for. 

The Green Mountain Coffee Keurig is providing for their brewers is a particularly popular brand of coffee for many people. You can find it in ground coffee, whole bean and in the K cups made especially for the Keurig machines. The Keurig filters give you another opportunity to enjoy your Green Mountain Coffee in your Keurig machine.

For those coffee lovers who love a dark blend of coffee there are a few choices that you will have available to you in this particular brand of coffee. The Green Mountain Dark Magic and Green Mountain Double Black Diamond will add an extra bold flavor to your coffee. The Dark Magic blend is also available in a decaffeinated variety as well. 

Green Mountain Coffee retailers

There are more than thirty varieties of GreenMountain Coffee available for use in your Keurig coffeemaker. The Keurig brewing method will allow you to brew one cup at a time of fabulous Green Mountain Coffee, Keurig style. 

This innovative approach to single cup coffee brewing loses none of the robust flavor of your cup of coffee.  All you have to do is put your K cup in the machine, add water and in less than three minutes you will have a fresh brewed cup of coffee.

colombian fare tradeThere are variety packs available in the Green Mountain K cups. This gives you a chance to try some of the blends that you have not been able to sample, without buying a whole pound of a coffee that you may or may not enjoy, the K cups give you the opportunity to find out for sure. Green Mountain Coffee Keurig style!


gloria jeans coffeeThe added advantage of having a variety of blends on hand for different members of your household or for when guests stop in for coffee is another reason that the Green Mountain Coffee Keurig K cups are so popular. You will be able to brew a cup of decaffeinated for one guest and an extra bold cup of Dark Magic for yourself. 

Whichever Green Mountain blend is your favorite, you will be able to enjoy it in your Keurig machine. Some brands are: Gloria jeans coffee, Tmothy's coffee and New England coffee. Look for the K cups in your favorite blend or grind up a single cup of delicious coffee with the Keurig filter. With this amount of variety, there is no reason for you to ever use another coffee brand.
Where to buy greenmountain coffee? There are a few Green Mountain Coffee Keurig retailers out there but I strongly suggest They have the widest variety out there and really good prices! Why not pick up a variety sampler and find out which one is your favorite blend? ....and use a Keurig brewer as your green mountain coffee maker!

Now everyone can have their favorite coffee drink - at home! (even if she wants a decaf Caramel Vanilla Cream and he wants a Dangerously Dark Magic Extra Bold expresso)

Green Mountain Coffee Keurig reviews

GreenMountain Coffee Keurig
French Vanilla
"I am not a great fan of flavored coffee BUT keep this in. This is smooth balanced low acid coffee that I can enjoy good day or night. The solid French Vanilla flavor does not overpower the coffee taste. Nor is it overly sweet, a problem I have found in some of the other brands."
James Durney

Green Mountain Coffee Half-caff
" This is my husband's absolute favorite! Great when you don't want a flavored coffee or a strong blend...very rich but mild flavor."
Green Mountain Coffee Keurig

green mountain coffee reviews

Whether you are looking for the best tasting coffee with unmatched flavor from other commercially available coffee, or you are in for some of the most exciting coffee tastes you could ever find, Green Mountain coffee will meet your needs. Green Mountain coffee, from Green Mountain Roasters, derives from locations where coffees are grown in its best condition, giving every coffee drinker the best experience.

Green Mountain coffee comes from parts of the world where coffee beans are grown in excellent condition. From the countries in Africa such as Kenya and Ethiopia, to the Southeast Asian region in the country of Indonesia, Green Mountain Roasters brings out the best in their product.

If you are to believe that the birthplace of coffee came from the birthplace of civilization, then you are to believe that Ethiopia is simply the ideal place for a perfect coffee. This ancient country is believed to be the Garden of Eden and is where Green Mountains discovered the precious coffee beans.

Kenya is where coffees are sold at high grade. So if the world thinks of Kenya as the place where best coffees are grown, Green Mountains will think of it as well. Kenyan coffee is what many coffee drinkers want in a good cup of coffee.

Green Mountain travels as far as Southeast Asia to the islands of Indonesia to find unique coffee in three unique regions. Green Mountain finds places of Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi to get coffee with a distinctive Asian taste and feel.

Green Mountain Roasters is committed to offer the finest coffee beans in the world, so they would not miss the parts of the Americas where coffee growers dedicate their life to perfecting coffee plants.

Green Mountain Roasters recognizes the quality of coffee beans in countries such as Columbia, particularly in the southwestern region that's commonly referred to as Colombia's Popayan region. Also, Green Mountain appreciates the fine quality of coffee beans in Costa Rica. Coffee from this country is known as Costa Rica Peaberry Select. But why peaberry? Coffee cherries are known to produce two beans. Peaberry, in contrast, only produces one. And that's not all, as peaberry is carefully handpicked for it is considered one of coffee's precious gems.

Comprising another part of Green Mountain tradition is their use of Kona coffee. This type of coffee has a mild but rich flavor and aroma. Balance best describes Kona coffee with a fresh aftertaste. In Mexico, Green Mountain also explores the possibility of growing quality coffee beans. Mexico is one of the largest coffee bean growers in the world, producing some of the best coffees ever tasted. For Green Mountains, Mexican coffee comes from the southeastern region located alongside the Sierra Mountains.

Coffee diversity is why Green Mountain also buys coffees from Guatemala. In this part of the world, coffees are grown with significant differences in every district. These differences in growing makes Guatemalan coffee unique even when it is compared with coffee from the same country.

For many, Peru is infamous with the Manchu Piccu. But for Green Mountains, Peru is where they find organic coffee that is grown by the descendants of Incas.

Behind this worldwide effort is the commitment of Green Mountain to provide a readily available great-tasting coffee to anyone without the need to visit these countries. For with every sip of Green Mountain coffee, it is like traveling the world.

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