Kopi Luwak Coffee

Kopi Luwak CoffeeIf you are looking for the perfect gift to any coffee lover or just want to try something special, then you are at the right place.

Kopi Luwak has a very unique and distinguishable roasting smell and taste… like no other coffee.

The aroma is rich and strong, and the coffee is incredibly full bodied, almost syrupy. It is thick, with a hint of chocolate, and lingeres on the tongue with a long, clean aftertaste.

The rarity, unique flavors and interesting background of Kopi Luwak are unlikely to be matched by an other.

Kopi is the Indonesian word for coffee. Luwak is a local name of the Asian palm civet in Sumatra. Palm civets are primarily frugivorous, feeding on berries and pulpy fruits such as from fig trees and palms.

Kopi luwak is a name for many specific cultivars and blends of arabica, robusta, liberica, excelsa or other beans eaten by civets, hence the taste can vary greatly. Nonetheless, kopi luwak coffees have a shared aroma profile and flavor characteristics, along with their lack of bitterness.

“Kopi” is the Indonesian word for coffee and the “Luwak” is the indigenous animal who plays an “active” role in the harvesting of the raw coffee cherries. The Luwak feasts on ripe, red coffee cherries seeking out the sweet taste of the cherry itself, wanting little to do with the parchment of the coffee. Once the Luwak eats the cherry, the parchment covered coffee beans are passed out of the Luwak, with the parchment cover still protecting the green coffee beans.

The local natives gather up the limited amount of the Luwak processed parchment coffee, remove the parchment shell, and ultimately ship it to the coffee broker.

It's the most expensive and rarest coffee in the world and limited supplies are are grown each year.

This is high quality coffee and it's well worth it. When brewed, you can really taste the rich flavoring which is added through the unique civet processing method. It tastes like a mixture of coffee, chocolate, peanut butter, and poo. And this is no ordinary poo. It's much better tasting than any other I've found laying around.

Though, I have come to prefer eating the beans fresh, that way you really get the flavor of the civet's digestive enzymes and it's a bit nutty that way.

I'm not a big coffee drinker but I purchased this for my wife who is and it is suprisingly good and even a non-coffee drinker like myself can tell a difference. I will purchase this again.

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